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Datalynq™ is a revolutionary market intelligence tool that provides complete supply chain visibility by turning all of your data into a single, easy-to-read window.
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The datalynq toolkit
Current Status
& Market Intelligence
Real-time inventory and transaction insights. Giving you an unparalleled view into the dynamic market for all the components you track
Predictive Analytics & Alerts
Identify risks and opportunities for your company with visibility into real market transactions
Obsolescence Case Management
Find, manage, and resolve component risks with our intuitive and collaborative obsolescence & shortage monitoring tools
Comprehensive Product Information
Get lifecycle status, technical specifications, and alternate listings integrated into the tool for easy access
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Design Risk

Provides a bird's eye view of the supply chain risks involved with designing devices and equipment in-house. Our insights include supply data, lead times, and component life cycle details.
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Risk Scores

Market Availability

Offers a comprehensive view into parts obtainability. We compile part data from thousands of suppliers to analyze historical inventory fluctuation trends, pricing history, and provide market availability during the procurement process.
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Risk Scores

Multi-Source Availability

Supply chain analytics software can increase AVL, and mitigate the risk of shortages and obsolescence by quickly assessing the average availability score of a part’s alternates.
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Risk Scores


The supply chain analytics software allows you to view weekly high and low transaction insights on individual components with minimum order quantities.
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Risk Scores

Inventory Trends

Features monthly in-stock data from over 3,500 authorized distributors, factory direct suppliers, and
qualified third parties based around the world.

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