Comprehensive Product Information

Get lifecycle status, technical specifications, and alternate listings integrated into the tool for easy access

Comprehensive Product Information composite
lifecycle and technical details interface and features

Lifecycle and technical details

DatalynqTM provides lifecycle and technical information for over 1 Billion parts, all in a single interface with other critical information you need.

  • Lifecycle information

  • Technical data & Datasheets

  • Easy-to-use consolidated interface

Articles about Obsolescence Case Management

A close-up image of a circuit board

How to Manage the Complexity of Market Availability for Electronic Components

The electronic components supply chain is stabilizing but new challenges are affecting parts depending on node size.

April 5, 2024
A close-up image of a radar system

Establishing a Secure and Resilient Electronic Components Supply Chain for Aerospace and Defense Manufacturers

Industries such as aerospace and defense often suffer more during shortages due to weaknesses in the global supply chain. Aerospace and defense manufacturers must build strong, shortage-resilient supply chains starting with sustainable product design.

March 22, 2024
A picture of a microchip with several components soldered to its surface

Rising Obsolescence in Electronic Components and its Solutions

Component obsolescence is rising due to the global semiconductor shortage exacerbating pre-existing challenges. Organizations must remain aware of proactive strategies that can help stay on top of obsolescence.

March 7, 2024