October 19, 2022

Datalynq™ launches as a next-generation case management tool to improve the Global Supply Chain

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MIAMI, Dec. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Today,as a first in its class case management tool that gives engineers and purchasers access to next-generation market intelligence about component selection as well as supply chain risk scores related to market availability, part pricing history, and inventory fluctuations, all in one site. This is one of the only comprehensive digital solutions leveraging anonymized risk assessment data for electronic components to help Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Contract Manufacturers (CMs), and Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) navigate the components landscape and resolve supply chain problems.

Datalynq launches as a next-generation case management tool

"Technology manufacturers are currently dealing with issues like obsolete parts with no end in sight, and to react to these problems, they need to utilize the principles of case management, which is why Datalynq's tool is so important," said Yashar Shahabi, Senior VP of Digital Solutions at Sourceability. "The solution replaces traditional spreadsheets like Excel that can't manage the complex task of case management. It now collates a variety of information, including risk assessment, in a single, legible window, that helps providers get ahead of the shortages in the future through more robust planning and preparation."

Datalynq will help providers visualize key insights like pricing trends and component availability to save valuable time. The solution offers access to at-risk parts information and market intelligence, which can impact production line and repair operations, and creates cases to guide providers through different custom resolution options tailor-made for companies. The tool then finds the right solutions, learning from in-depth market intelligence, to generate robust metrics, including cost avoidance data, and cost-saving opportunities.

The Design Risk Score tool provides a view on the risk associated with "designing in" a part. The score utilizes supply data, lead times, and product life cycle to calculate a risk score from low to high. The Market Availability Score tool offers a view into how readily Datalynq expects a given part to be obtainable. It analyzes a number of supply sources to provide trends that give users unique data insights to aid in their part selection process.

"Datalynq's scores offer a broader view of the electronic component market that will help purchasers effectively and efficiently buy," Shahabi continued. "As the shortages continue, it's more important than ever to ensure our providers understand component availability and the risks associated with buying a particular product."

About Datalynq
Datalynq is a digital supply chain analytics platform for the electronics industry backed by Sourceability, a global technology company transforming the way businesses bring products to market through a digitalized supply chain.

About Sourceability
Sourceability develops technology that allows customers to operate in and navigate the electronic component market, providing them with the best opportunities to find success. The backbone of Sourceability is innovation, quality, and logistics. The company has invested heavily in global distribution centers in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Miami, and each distribution center is supported by regional offices to maintain an understanding of customer supply chain needs. Sourceability will continue to innovate, building upon their initial success by investing in the core beliefs that have made them successful: innovation, customer empowerment, and integrity.

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