February 13, 2024

Cadence Introduces OrCAD X Live BOM powered by Sourceability’s Datalynq

Datalynq Team
An image displaying the risk score in OrCAD X Live BOM

Sourceability is working together with Cadence to help design engineers increase their visibility in the electronic components market. This partnership aims to help organizations better assess and reduce design risk and quickly mitigate other supply chain challenges. Under this agreement, Sourceability’s premier market intelligence tool, Datalynq, has been integrated into the Cadence OrCAD X Platform to accomplish this goal.

Introducing Live BOM, this new tool allows Cadence users access to Datalynq’s top-tier market intelligence via its easy-to-understand risk scores. OrCAD X users can now leverage historical market data on over 1.6 billion parts aggregated from Sourceability’s leading global marketplace for electronic components, Sourcengine, which supports Datalynq’s underlying market intelligence data.  

OrCAD X Live BOM is currently powered through Datalynq via live API and is exclusive to Cadence. In the future, OrCAD X will support additional Sourcengine services, allowing users to forecast long-term component cost, lead time, and availability as well as purchase the electronic components they need for their product design.

An image displaying the OrCAD X Live BOM interface

How To Use the OrCAD X Live BOM Platform and its Benefits

Upon entering OrCAD X Capture, users can easily access OrCAD X Live BOM to leverage Datalynq’s commercial market intelligence for any electronic component.  

Through Datalynq, parts assessed on Live BOM will be ranked on market availability, inventory, lead time, and design risk alongside vendor options as part of the tool’s multi-source availability score. This data alerts users to high-risk parts, including those that are sole source, discontinued, not recommended for new designs (NRND), or obsolete. Engineers can quickly replace these parts with more easily accessible form-fit-function (FFF) alternates, drop-in replacements (DIRs), or functionally equivalent components.  

The Live BOM tool can provide more than just design risks. It can help procurement teams compare prices, availability, delivery times, and supplier ratings. Through OrCAD X Live BOM, users can identify upcoming end-of-life (EOL) notices. When aware of a problem, design engineers can select FFF alternates or DIRs available for a given electronic component and add annotations to the product schematics for organization transparency. This process can optimize design cycles, promote innovation, and reduce design costs.

Similarly, Live BOM users can access Datalynq’s library of technical specifications, datasheets, and material compliance on electronic components during the initial product design phase. Having the capability to track lead time, inventory availability, and pricing allows engineers to make informed decisions on electronic components for product designs.  

Sourceability will continue to look for new ways to help bring all levels of the electronic component supply chain invaluable insights through its award-winning market intelligence tool, global e-commerce site, and API integrations. Alongside Cadence, users can continue to look forward to robust data analytics, increased supply chain transparency, and further optimization of the design-to-procurement processes.  

To learn more about OrCAD X Live BOM, Sourceability and Cadence experts have made their webinar, “Optimize Your Supply Chain Through Effective BOM Management” available on demand for those interested in Live BOM's benefits and uses. To access the webinar, you can request for it to be sent straight to your inbox here.

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